Cameras follow Jody Wilson Raybould as she waits to appear in front of the Justice committee in Ottawa in February. Photo: Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

LETTER: One law for the rich, another for worker bee

From reader Brad Fuller

It has been with some sad amusement that I have watched the whole game of misinformation and obfuscation take place over the result of SNC-Lavalin’s behaviour.

The pundits have done the public their usual disservice in providing their usual limited hangout while they give an accurate accounting in the political realm. Jody Wilson-Raybould is demoted because she will not override the opinion of her staff to pursue criminal charges against SNC and the ensuing political theatre; and that the PM played his part, as the penalty for SNC if found guilty is stoppage of government contracts for 10 years with the whole cycle of expected entitlement and graft that ensues for government largess, passed off as a bogus concern for workers. This is the official story we were asked to witness as gospel.

What really is the driver that has boxed the government into a corner is government’s own venal handiwork, likely at the behest of SNC. As the charges against SNC were making their way through the legal system the legal beagles defending SNC likely saw an end run around the criminal charges and probably acted to make it so. They likely had the government pass that is termed Deferred Criminal Prosecution Legislation (DPA) wherein any guilt of an offense can be sidelined in favour of a fine under who-knows-what secret negotiations, which the offending corporation then pays.

Now a corporation exists on paper and as far as I can tell can only act in the real world when animated by the actions of real living persons. This would be the executive brain trust in the case of SNC. Under a DPA this group of miscreants gets to skate while retaining their positions, large bonuses, stock options and extraordinary salaries. Such legal remedy has been termed as “the King can do no wrong,” meaning no criminal action can be taken against those termed King and only held accountable for any act by some fine negotiated between mutually interested parties (see government taxpayer monies circular largess above).

The limited hangout media dare not report that SNC executive personnel had DPA legislation slipped in with some other disparate legislation about a year ago. This in order to keep their government contracts and politicians to keep SNC filling their coffers, and by such creating the whole situation which Wilson-Raybould for some reason exposed and which the public was never meant to be informed of … and still isn’t. One law for the rich and their beneficiary politicians and friends and another for the ignorant, unsophisticated worker bee population these controllers look down their noses at.

Brad Fuller


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