LETTER: Pigeon suffers needless death

LETTER: Pigeon suffers needless death

Reader Michelle Booth asks us to pick up our fishing lines and hooks

While walking along my favourite local beach, I came upon an injured pigeon. It appeared to be trapped, and when I got close I could see that it was snagged on a fishing line. I picked the bird up and was surprised to see twigs and leaves all twisted together, and the whole mess was wound around the bird’s wing and foot.

The line was attached to lengths of roots, which I could not pull out of the sand while I was holding the bird. I saw some young girls walking further down the beach and yelled for help. Ainslie, Addie and Rowan came over and together we managed to dislodge the roots. But while we were leaving the beach for the vet’s office, the bird died in my hands.

Those young girls were so helpful, so compassionate. It saddens me that they had to witness a needless death. Fishers, please, please pick up your line (and hooks) before leaving your fishing spot. I’ll now carry scissors in my beach bag.

Michelle Booth