LETTER: Police protect big business

From reader Patrick O’Neil

Re: ‘RCMP make arrests at logging protest north of Nelson”, Nelson Star, May 17

Many of us were appalled as we watched police in Uvalde, Texas, refuse for an hour to try to stop an armed assassin from shooting and killing Grade 4 students and their teachers. Police in that incident expended more energy restraining parents from rescuing their children than they did in stopping the shooter. RCMP in Nova Scotia showed the same passive reaction in 2020 when a mass murderer started his diabolical rampage in Portapique, N.S. and continued for two days to kill 22 random citizens, while the RCMP worked desperately to keep news of the shooter out of the public eye, thus defining their priorities

Far more diligent were the aggressive RCMP officers in Argenta, B.C., who came out in force to protect the business interests of Cooper Creek Cedar, thus encouraging the destruction of our old growth forests.

When you want your police to behave proactively and aggressively, simply tell them they are protecting the interests of big business and they will respond with all of their grit and determination.

Patrick O’Neil