LETTER: Prepare a go-bag

LETTER: Prepare a go-bag

From reader Jane Merks

Re: “Angel Flight East Kootenay begins trips from Nelson,” June 25

It is great to hear that Angel Flights is now leaving from Nelson as well. While reading the article I noticed that it was mentioned that a gentleman was airlifted to Kelowna without his cell phone.

The Learning in Retirement class called Navigating the Healthcare System generated a list of items we should all have ready in a ‘go’ bag – an emergency kit of sorts for an unexpected trip to Trail or Kelowna. Nowadays, spouses or family are not even allowed to accompany people into the emergency department in Nelson and of course, if you live alone, could your neighbour quickly find the things you need to take with you?

Have a bag ready, labeled and easily accessible for emergencies. Include the following: a list of medications and supplements you are on, a bathrobe, slippers, underwear, extra pair of glasses (including for reading), hearing aid batteries, pen and pad, a few toiletries, a book, puzzle book, deck of cards, eye mask, ear plugs, $10 cash and some loose fitting clothes. Label the outside of the bag with your name and a reminder to bring your phone and its charger.

Jane Merks