LETTER: Proposed gun ban includes weapons commonly used for hunting

From reader Richard Green

It has been very upsetting to observe on Question Period and on various news broadcasts several politicians lying about the proposed legislation, C-21, currently being debated in parliamentary committee. Reference is made to Public Safety minister Marco Mendicino and to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau both insisting that they are not attempting to ban (prohibit) hundreds of models of popular and much-used hunting rifles and hunting shotguns.

They are deliberately attempting to mislead Canadians in order to further divide urban and rural citizens with false claims that their proposals will “take assault-style firearms off the streets” when they know very well that their nonsense will be accepted as “doing something.” Continuing to harass and penalize legal firearms owners accomplishes nothing except to gain votes from those who have no comprehension of the issue and so unquestioningly accept their lies.

To be clear, the proposed bans include rifles and shotguns that are commonly used for hunting and for sport such as skeet shooting. Those who tell us otherwise are not leaders. They are liars and do not deserve our support.

Richard Green