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LETTER: Punch passes at the gym

From reader Robbie Kalabis

How come we still can’t get punch passes at the Nelson and District Community Complex at least a year on?

Allegedly the latest software upgrades a year ago has made it so punch passes are a thing of the past.

With only monthly, yearly and drop-in rates, many Nelsonites are feeling a cool breeze up their spines and it’s not even winter! Having a punch pass option opens up a world of climate controlled, indoor awesome-sauce for all to enjoy at a slightly discounted rate, i.e. buy nine, get one free, kind of deal.

I’m sure the information technology world has expeditious solutions to this problem. Lickety-split. Chop-chop. Double quick. Alternatively, kick it old school with a pen and paper and one of those credit card carbon copiers. This can’t be that challenging of an issue to fix.

Time to sort this out once and for all please RDCK. Everyone deserves to have as equal access as possible for public amenities like wellness/sports/community centres.

Perhaps some of our current elected officials and/or those in the upcoming election could help take this thorn out of the community’s side?

So, for my Christmas miracle wish this year I sure hope Santa will bring all of us some workouts, skates, saunas, steam baths, hot tubs, diving boards and heated indoor swimming pools in the middle of freezing cold winter.

Robbie Kalabis