LETTER: Quebec children clean up Kootenay beach

From reader Andrew Murray

My two granddaughters (Eliana, 9, and Amelie, 7) have just arrived from Sainte-Adèle, Quebec for a four week Kootenay holiday. They and their parents stayed with us last year for a full year because of Covid concerns. We often walked the rail-grade down to the trestles. The kids and I a few times cleared the Svoboda parking lot of garbage. (I don’t understand why people on their way to or from a hike or cycle in pristine nature chuck their garbage on the parking lot ground — beer cans and other junk). Anyway, this morning we went to the small beach just below the Lyon’s Bluff trailhead parking lot. Next thing I know there was Eliana picking up garbage. Amelie and I also jumped in and we cleared the beach in a few minutes. I was so excited that Eli did this (there was no prompting from me!). Bit of a shame that it was up to Quebecers to come and clean up a Kootenay beach.

Andrew Murray