LETTER: RDCK online survey set up to fail

From reader Janice Van Caeseele

Re: RDCK conducts online survey about waste management, June 10

The Resource Recovery Draft Plan is 95 pages long. The survey questions refer to points in this draft document.

In order to fill out the survey on curbside collection with integrity, the report needs to be read.

Who is going to read a 95 page report, then refer to it to make an informed decision, then take an hour to fill out the survey?

This process seems as though it is set up to fail!

The issues could have been addressed with simple questions. Do you want curbside pickup? Yes or no. It would be helpful to know how many people read the report and filled out the survey.

Costs need to be weighed with benefit. The RDCK has become bloated with job-created services, many of which could be left to the private sector to deliver.

We rely on our professionals to do the job they are hired and elected to do, and not to further ideological programs for the sake of fulfilling agendas.

I do not agree with curbside compost pick up as a separate service. We already have two trucks, one for garbage, one for recycle; roaming the streets at each household in Nelson. Do we need a conga line of assorted recycle vehicles clogging our city streets in the name of emission reduction?

Janice Van Caeseele


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