LETTER: Re-thinking how we run elections

LETTER: Re-thinking how we run elections

From reader Ron Robinson

Since being both entertained and disappointed with the recent leaders’ debates, it seems running the business of the nation is more akin to running a circus.

I would offer the what if provision. What if the call for an election was treated in the same context as an RFP (request for proposals) or call for tenders, that are a common part of contracting in the world of business? A political party’s platform would be their proposal, in the hope of winning the contract to run the nation.

In order to be fair to all those bidding and those who will adjudicate the proposals (that’s you and me), all completed proposals would have to be submitted by a set date, reviewed for completeness and then, all at the same time, presented to the adjudicators (that’s you and me).

Campaigning could be focused on elaboration on a party’s proposal; but not include any attacks on the other companies (political parties) that are bidding for the same job. It would, at least, put the running of the nation on a similar level as any other complex project. A circus might provide a welcomed distraction; but may not be the best model for running the business of the nation.

Ron Robinson