LETTER: Senior citizen attacked by dog on Vernon Street

From reader Donna Price

On Dec. 21, my husband and I drove from Trail to Nelson to have lunch with my sister and niece at the Hume Hotel. After lunch, we walked down Vernon Street to get our car. As we were walking by the Empire Coffee Shop, there were two big dogs tied to a rack. One was a large rottweiler, which lunged at my husband as we walked past and bit his right arm.

My husband is a senior citizen and is 91 years old. People from inside the coffee shop quickly came to our assistance and we want to thank each and every one who helped us. One of the women in the shop had first aid training and helped my husband until the ambulance came.

We are feeling frustrated by the response from the police and we never spoke with the dog’s owner. Does Nelson not have a bylaw where large dogs must be under the control of their owners or muzzled if they pose a risk? I cannot imagine if this had been a child that had been attacked as it would have been much worse. My husband received over 14 stitches at the hospital and has had to receive ongoing medical care for this unprovoked injury.

It would be nice to have some accountability for dog owners to make sure the streets are safe and that no one else is injured by an aggressive dog.

Donna Price