LETTER: Shop only at businesses that take public health seriously

From reader Dr. Michael Vance

Thus far we’ve been fortunate in our region to mostly avoid this virus and loss of life. We’ve been able to live somewhat normal lives since B.C. reopened. Businesses have mostly stayed open and my daughter has still been able to see her friends and go to daycare. Like we say about so many things in our region, this is another example of why this truly is the best place to live in the world.

Unfortunately, it appears as if this virus is once again ramping up in B.C. like it has in so much of the world. It’s time to remind ourselves of the simple things we can do to slow transmission. If we’re smart about it now we can avoid locking down further, as the Lower Mainland has just been asked to do.

For those of us who care and want to keep our region safe and open for business, I suggest we start using our wallets to show support for businesses that are taking this seriously. It’s been sad to see a favourite restaurant or cafe show disregard for their customers’ and staff’s safety, and I’ve decided to stop supporting businesses like this. If they care about the health of their staff and their customers, that’s enough for me to show support over a business that just plainly doesn’t. Doing the bare minimum that’s required by WorkSafeBC doesn’t mean they shouldn’t or can’t do more. Big kudos to those businesses who are doing the right thing.

So I suggest adding in another safety measure — supporting businesses who respect the health of you and your family, our community, our seniors, and boycotting the ones that don’t.

Let’s keep some semblance of normal life going by doing the easy things.

Michael Vance, MD