LETTER: Significant events in climate conversation

Reader Dona Grace Campbell says despite progress, the work is not yet done.

Has the climate conversation changed? Are we seeing a watershed moment? There have been significant events over the last few weeks.

The Pope’s message is echoing around the planet calling upon us to, “treat God’s gifts as gracefully and gratefully as we can.”

The American and Chinese presidents met to discuss mutual commitments to decrease emissions.

Shell announced that it would give up it Arctic drilling plans, finding it economically unfeasible, while understanding their image was suffering.

Six of the largest US financial institutions, pledged to cooperate in efforts to accelerate the investment in renewables.

The world-wide divestment movement from fossil fuels has exceeded $2.6 trillion. One year ago it was $52 billion. That’s 50 times more than just one year ago.

Astounding as these are, our work is not yet done. To create a watershed movement, all the individual tributaries must flow into the same river, the river of ecological sustainability.

Dona Grace Campbell