LETTER: Snow-clearing: Nelson could do better

From reader Greg Smith

Re: Nelson council defends snow-clearing following storm, Jan. 12

It’s now 10 days on from Jan. 3 and the city streets are still a mess. City council is being disingenuous about equipment, staffing and suggesting the public’s expectations are too high. Winter holidays should not be an excuse. With 38 years in the Ministry of Transportation I am knowledgeable enough to suggest one loader with a blade can be quite effective in a shift.

I’ve lived in Nelson 30 years and I get that a big snowfall takes a few days to resolve. I get that school zones and bus routes are a priority. I’m OK with having narrow streets and waiting for cars to pass but the city failed in not delivering the minimal service, which is to blade the slush and loose snow off.

My neighbours have expressed the same wonder about the city and we note that municipal elections will happen in October so hopefully candidates are pressed on this issue.

Greg Smith