LETTER: Stand for old growth

From reader Xochilt Ramirez

2022 has been a roller coaster. The system is cracking world wide and climate change is showing us what we need to get ready to deal with.

Younger generations are taking the lead. The Friday for Future protests never stopped during the pandemic, but most of us were too busy navigating the ever-changing rules.

“Keep us safe, do your part, etc.” was the slogan everywhere, so why are we not using this language to act in protection of old growth forest and the people who stand for watersheds? After all it is quite clear that without clean water and air life would not be possible.

Our daughter, who is homeschooling this year, has a deep curiosity about our connection to nature, which has led us to have conversations about the təmxwulaʔxw, the traditional Sinixt’s territory we live in.

It is not enough to buy a book about it, or listen to some stories. We need to use our education to involve ourselves, to look around and see what actions we can take. Our kids can lead us!

I know we are on the right path as I watch my daughter sitting around the sacred fire at the Peace Camp in Argenta, paying attention and taking notes at the premiere of the movie Beyond Extinction: Sinixt Resurgence.

The fire at the camp to protect old growth forest is blessed by the matriarch of the Autonomous Sinixt, Marilyn James, the same person who reminds us of the law of this təmxwulaʔxw, and our responsibility to the land.

I want to close with a call for action. To get more informed and involved check the www.laststandwestkootenay.com/ or follow us on social media. If you have an account make a good use of it. Help us rewrite our story!

Xochilt Ramirez