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LETTER: Step into the stream of human life

From reader Michael Jessen

Our society is facing three major crises killing our fellow citizens that cry out for individual moral power.

Our human hearts are being asked to respond to the fourth wave of COVID-19, a climate emergency, and an opioid epidemic.

Our actions with regard to the three crises we face are insufficient.

Although the COVID-19 fourth wave is overwhelming our hospitals and health care workers, some of us cling to the concept that the individual doesn’t have to protect the community.

The climate crisis is causing glaciers to melt, sea levels to rise, and severe weather events in the here and now, but we defer taking action because it will mean we have to change some cherished habits.

Addiction to any kind of drugs is a taboo subject for the human majority and so we continue to allow a few to profit from the death of far too many.

I believe that we humans are beings created for ethical action, beings meant to step into the stream of human life and create causes, create effects, to be, to know, to love, and to do right in the human world.

We are neighbours and we are supposed to love one another. When are we going to learn to be good and respond to the needless deaths?

Michael Jessen