LETTER: Stone circles’ creator is delightful

Letter-writer Kimberley Hyatt says Malcolm, the creator of the stone circles, is a happy, positive, and spiritual soul.

Letter-writer Kimberley Hyatt says Malcom

Letter-writer Kimberley Hyatt says Malcom

Re: “On the trail of Nelson’s stone circles

Malcolm is living in Uphill and still walks to get his water from a spring from the mountain near the tracks.

Kootenay Mountain Culture included him in a piece about people’s homes and how that word can mean so many different things.

Malcolm is a delight — always happy, positive, calm and very spiritual. He is a dog lover as well. My sheepdog is in love with him. He often walks a golden retriever, Bayla, that he helps mind.

The work he did over by the creek between the new subdivision at the old gravel pit and the Tenth Street Selkirk campus is enchanting. Time slows down around those stones. They invite you to stay a while.

Kimberley Hyatt