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LETTER: Support for car-free Sunday

From reader Sandra Hartline
Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Re: Monthly car-free block pitched for Nelson’s Baker Street, Feb. 7

Recently there was a presentation to Nelson City Council proposing a car-free 400 and 500 block of Baker Street on one Sunday a month.

What a good idea! This would encourage active transportation like cycling, roller blading, ride sharing, running and even walking. It would reduce greenhouse gases and give us all cleaner air.

The idea is for a public space where people of all ages can have fun, enjoy music, dance, participate in family activities and in distinctive events like parades and street art. How about an outdoor fitness class?

Many local businesses are open on Sunday. Let’s let council know we are on board with this idea and find the many ways in which it can work for all.

Sandra Hartline