Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Photo: Bill Metcalfe

LETTER: Support for Haiti

From Marc and Lisa Honorat…

Saturday morning we awoke to a phone call from Pastor Jim Reimer from Nelson. He was with Marc in Haiti in January 2010 when the most deadly earthquake in history rocked the nation and he experienced the rollercoaster of that disaster firsthand. He called us in shock to share the news of yet another 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti at 8:30 a.m. Haitian time.

“To date just under 1,500 people have died and 6,000 injured. Our administrator, Francky Cherubin, also called to relay all of our staff and ministry members in Grand-Goave were shaken dramatically with fear as the earth trembled, but the epicentre was not as close this time so there was no damage in our area and Haiti ARISE ministries. Many homes in the Les Caye area are destroyed. We have our leadership team travelling out as we share this letter to assess the damages in the area, as well as the other churches and communities in the south to see how and where we can help first.

“Immediately, we will be taking food and supply distributions to the area, providing clean water where we can and begin with clean up. But all of this we cannot do without the support of our partners and churches. We are asking if you would be willing to send an offering or donation towards our disaster relief efforts at

Marc and Lisa Honorat

Haiti ARISE Ministries

Disaster relief donations can be made by issuing a cheque to Kootenay Christian Fellowship marked “Haiti Relief” to 520 Falls St., Nelson, B.C., V1L 6B5 or send e-transfers to, marked “Haiti Relief.”