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LETTER: Take the no idling pledge

From reader Trish Johnston
Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Re: LETTER: Turn off the ignition, Nelson Star May 11

Thank you Terry Lowrey for your message about not idling. Ten seconds is too long so let’s turn off our cars:

1) When waiting for passengers especially at schools. 2) Stopping to chat to someone. 3) Brief errands. 4) At community mail boxes. 5) At refuse and recycling depots. 6) Waiting at construction stops. 7) Active train crossings. 8) Drive-thru lines. 9) Ferries.

The best way to heat or cool a car is to get in and drive it.

If we all commit to not idling, it’s the equivalent of taking 300,000 cars off the road yearly. And, you save money and protect your car components from idling damage. Take the No Idle Pledge.

Trish Johnston