LETTER: Tax breaks for fossil fuels are nonsensical

LETTER: Tax breaks for fossil fuels are nonsensical

From reader Dona Grace-Campbell

B.C.’s annual give-away of nearly $1 billion to support fossil fuels will not only fuel climate change, but also significantly impact human health.

This report comes from Environmental Defense, a leading Canadian advocacy organization that works with government and industry detailing that the majority of this massive misuse of public monies will go to support fracked gas.

Indeed the massive LNG project proposed in northern B.C. is in direct conflict with B.C.’s legislated greenhouse gas targets. By 2050 the fracked gas industry will consume the entire provincial emission budget, meaning all other sectors must produce zero emissions.

These subsidies both reduce spending in other areas, including a just transition away from fossil fuels, and lock in decades of carbon emissions.

Though the province is already experiencing significant climate impacts, new subsidies continue to be announced. The Lancet, a prestigious medical journal, just issued a dire warning. The report and its authors said they worry the future health of young people will get even grimmer if emissions of heat-trapping gases aren’t curbed.

Continuing to give tax breaks for production and consumption of fossil fuels does not make sense in the midst of a climate crisis.

Dona Grace-Campbell