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LETTER: Thank you, David Boyd

from reader Anne DeGrace
David Boyd, retiring minister of the Nelson United Church. Photo: Submitted

I’m writing to congratulate Nelson United Church minister David Boyd on his retirement, and also to thank him.

I’m not a member of the United Church (or any church), but I have watched with admiration this church’s social activism and community inclusion under David’s leadership, including co-sponsoring refugee families, providing a home for the Nelson Community Food Centre, welcoming folks from the LGBTQ2S community (including marriage services and co-hosting the Nelson Library’s Drag Storytime), supporting the activities of Grans to Grans, and as a partner with Bienestar to support social and health programs in Guatemala, among many other great initiatives.

The United Church opens its doors for the community to hold music and theatre rehearsals and events, environmental awareness presentations, and more. It’s a comfortable and welcoming space for anyone, but more than that, there is action behind the words.

Of course, the energy and goodwill of parishioners are also behind these efforts, but I believe David has been key in creating an environment that fosters both kindness and activism.

Wishing you the very best in your next chapter, David, from a community member watching from not so very far away. A whole lot of people are going to miss you.

Anne DeGrace