LETTER: Thanks for cutting Facebook COVID-19 comments

From reader Reinhard Lengsfeld

Re: Why Black Press Media is turning Facebook commenting off on COVID-related stories, Feb. 9

I was initially disappointed by the headline regarding turning off Facebook comments on articles about COVID-related stories. Upon reflection I have come to support and applaud your decision. Having been heavily involved in exchanges to counter misinformation I have to conclude that I have likely not changed a single entrenched mind. Indeed my persistence may even have contributed towards the increased polarization we are seeing.

If my interactions have contributed to lessening the safety and security of your journalists and staff directly or indirectly, I would like to sincerely apologize. Not foreseeing the possible impact of social media is a poor defence.

Again I support your decision and hope that the polarization we see will be lessened as a result.

Reinhard Lengsfeld