Nelson’s Kootenay Lake Hospital. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Nelson’s Kootenay Lake Hospital. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

LETTER: Thanks for the care at Kootenay Lake Hospital

From John and Sheila…

Thanks for the care

I just spent 10 days at Kootenay Lake Hospital recovering from the most serious health issue in 78 years. Was it pleasant? Absolutely not!

But I wasn’t there for the food and enjoyment. What I want to do is pay tribute to each and everyone who had a hand in my recovery. I received excellent care from everyone including doctors, nurses, orderlies, tech people down to the cleaning staff. I apologize if I missed anyone.

In 10 days I had plenty of time to contemplate the service ew get while at KLH. I do not think I could have got better care in larger hospitals. The service in KLH always came with a genuine smile and it is upon us, the public, to return the thanks and smile.

We are very fortunate to have the qualify of people in KLH. At this point my wife Shiela and I would like to say a huge thank you for giving my life back.

John and Sheila