LETTER: The Star’s history columnist bids farewell

LETTER: The Star’s history columnist bids farewell

Greg Scott has been giving readers a glimpse into Nelson’s past for 18 years

The present pandemic and lockdown has given all of us an opportunity to be reflective on not only the present, but going forward. As part of my reflections, I have decided to call it a day with my column, Touchstones of Nelson.

It has been a long run since 2002 when Peter Howie, the publisher of the Nelson Daily News, approached me to do a column based on what happened in Nelson on April 22, 1902 for their 100th anniversary edition. It went so well that here I am 18 years later, 10 of those with the Nelson Star, and upwards of 620 columns, finally retiring and saying goodbye.

I would like to end by thanking my readers and especially Shawn Lamb for her initial assistance and Touchstones for its continued support.

Greg Scott