LETTER: Think seven generations ahead

Reader urges us to make inconvenient environmental changes that start at home.

LETTER: Think seven generations ahead

We’ve had a new addition to our family — a new granddaughter. We are overjoyed but at the same time, sick and fearful about what she may face living on this planet in 20 years from now. What I see happening in our own community here in Nelson does not do much to alleviate these fears.

Walking by South Nelson School at dismissal time there were no less than four cars idling. Now, people, the temperature was 10 degrees — there was no need for this. The information is out there — nobody can claim ignorance.

It makes me sick to know that these people cannot think beyond their own life spans and shut off their cars. Do this not for your own sake but for the sake of your children and for their children. We need to think beyond our own lifespans.

I saw somebody using a gas powered lawn mower and weed wacker/edger. For heaven’s sake, put it away. Humm … what’s more important? A clean edge round your sidewalks and gardens or a healthy planet for our young generation (already having to pay for more than their share of our generation’s dirty habits) and their children? Think beyond your own lifespan.

People were out washing their cars in their driveways over the weekend. We’d better face it — due to ground water depletion, a warmer climate, and less rainfall we are definitely (not maybe) looking at water shortages in the near future. Jeez, put the hoses down.

Go to your local car wash instead. Shut off the sprinklers and deep water once a week. Don’t bother watering lawns. They aren’t as important as making sure future generations also have clean, available water. We need to think beyond our own lifespans.

We need to do better but the sad, sad fact is that people don’t want to change things if it means inconveniencing themselves.

For the 50-plus aged people like myself, it’s hard to bear these inconveniences knowing that we may not see results by the time we die. But there is another generation following us, and another generation after that (hopefully). Start today.

Someone said to me “well look at all the diesel other countries use.” So what? Let’s make inconvenient changes that start at home, in our own community, then flaunt these changes so that others can follow our lead.

H. Jenkins