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LETTER: Unimpressed with Mungall and Weaver

From reader Charles Jeanes

Two observations about BC politicians:

Michelle Mungall distinguished herself by non-performance as Minister of Energy, practicing wu wei most mysteriously and now vanishing into a footnote. She has become a minister for “jobs” according to your paper. She had to disappear from energy, since her government disgraced itself with the northern gas pipeline and Site C dam, issues that Mungall’s constituency in Nelson and area are passionate about. We do not appreciate the idiocy of old ideas of development the NDP has endorsed in those projects.

Andrew Weaver steps down as Green party leader after expending his political capital with Premier John Horgan in a colossally useless and stupidly executed effort to bring electoral reform to B.C. Weaver could ask Horgan for one big thing after the election and proportional representation was it. The failure of the poll to win a yes for reform is Weaver’s failure more than any other leader. I for one will not miss his leadership.

So, to Mungall and Weaver, no kudos for your performances in the B.C. Legislature on the big files.

Charles Jeanes