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LETTER: United front needed for watershed protection

From reader Tom Prior

Re: “Preserve first, log second, says West Kootenay rural watershed report,” Nov. 15

The 170-page scientific watershed report: Preliminary Nature-directed Stewardship Plans, commissioned for Glade and Laird creek residents worried about industrial logging by Interior Health, ATCO and Kalesnikoff in their source of drinking water, was a make-work project for worthy local consultants.

In the last 30-plus years there have been at least four or five such watershed reports. There have also been a number of failed legal challenges by local watershed societies in the West and East Kootenays.

It has been made abundantly clear in B.C. courts that your government and timber corporation’s right to road and extract timber trump citizens rights to protect their source of drinking water, period.

Justice Mark McEwen has been consistent in his ruling regarding your government and logging corporations’ right to potentially destroy a consumptive watershed. McEwen did not make the law but it is his job to follow the current laws governing public lands.

Local watershed groups have not been able to organize a common front to protect their water.

Until there is a united front that peacefully and literally stops this foolish affront to common sense, no number of scientific reports or hopeless legal applications will bring this very, very profitable mayhem to an end.

Tom Prior