LETTER: Vote NDP to ensure new electoral system

Reader Bob Dean: "The solution to this situation lies in proportional representation."

Our first-past-the-post election system creates a very undemocratic result. The Green Party, for instance, with maybe five per cent of the popular national vote, has one MP out of over 300: That is 0.3 per cent of parliament, which is a far cry from five per cent.

The solution to this situation lies in proportional representation.

The Liberals, the New Democrats and the Greens all support such a change. The Conservatives do not. We need to send a non-Conservative to parliament.

In our Kootenay-Columbia riding the contest is basically between the Conservatives and the New Democrats, each of which is polling around 38 per cent while the Liberals are at 13 per cent and the Greens at 11 per cent.

This means a vote for the Liberals or Greens is giving up our chance to get the Harper government out. Whether you like or dislike Tom Mulcair and Wayne Stetski, the NDP need our support so that they can follow through with their commitment to bring in proportional representation, a democratic solution. In four years’ time the Greens will then have a chance of being fairly represented.

Bob Dean