Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Photo: Bill Metcalfe

LETTER: War, climate, housing: are we capable of necessary changes?

From reader Brian Zacharias

The war in Ukraine and the constant mention of climate change – it is difficult to imagine how we are going to overcome these two threats. What are the odds?

For example, are we capable of making the changes necessary to combat climate change? Some witty person came up with a definition of insanity: doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results. The pandemic, the war, the housing shortage and climate change have made people more thoughtful and kind. Hopefully, a combination of loving kindness, compassion and ingenuity will help us on the path forward.

A lack of housing and a restrictive building code has increased the number of travel trailers and motor homes that people are living in year round. We could very well see an influx of climate refugees using more travel trailers and motor homes. A traditional middle class home (consider the cost of a building lot and building materials) is out of reach for many. Even rent is becoming out of reach for many. Maybe less than 10 per cent of B.C. is private property. The rest is Crown land. Much like low-income housing, we could have public land available for low-income people to own. Ownership of land provides a sense of security and stability.

Brian Zacharias