Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

LETTER: We have no time to lose

From reader Diana van Eyk.

The world is at a crossroads. And we’re on the wrong road taking us to the likelihood of another world war with nuclear powers, environmental destruction, and more hardship. The other equally possible road leads to a world where we can all flourish.

Everything we love is at stake: our kids and grandkids, nature, cultural achievements. We have to get this right.

Despite record wildfires and floods, and ever more hungry and homeless people, our leaders have embraced a war economy, complete with austerity measures. Many of them are captured by the fossil fuel industry.

This industry has created and promoted greenwash for decades. It minimizes climate disruption and pushes false solutions like carbon capture and storage, and hydrogen. I hope you’ll check out sources I find trustworthy like Jeffrey Sachs, David Suzuki, and Naomi Klein.

War kills innocent people, pollutes, limits our freedom of expression, and gobbles up money that should be used to provide homes, decent education and medical care, and restore our natural world.

We need to cut through the BS and the greenwash. We can’t afford to get sucked into climate denial and war mongering. We need the courage to speak up, and reclaim our governments from industry lobbyists so they can do what only they can: negotiate peace and create a just transition.

We need to do our damndest to turn things around. And we have no time to lose.

Diana van Eyk