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LETTER: We need a reliable bus network between B.C. cities

From reader Sandra Hartline

How about an up-to-date, reliable public bus service across B.C. that not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but gets you where you want to go with minimum fuss, at an affordable price?

You could travel daily between cities, get essential health services, find a job or visit family and friends.

This would greatly benefit those without a car, but it would also help lessen emissions from all those private vehicles currently running on fossil fuels and clogging our streets and highways. A reliable public bus network means fewer cars, and the climate crisis demands that we change the way we travel, be it by bus, bicycle, or on foot.

Let’s give B.C. residents a chance to actually live a Clean BC lifestyle and reduce private vehicle trips by 25 per cent by 2030. Everyone can take the BC Wide Bus Pledge in at or watch for opportunities for signing in Nelson.

With the Oct. 15 municipal election looming, we need to get our mayoral and city council candidates to pressure the B.C. and federal governments to commit to a public bus network and start building it. We need a clear, multi-faceted, inter-community network that co-ordinates all modes of transit and takes into consideration current reality and foreseeable transit needs for all British Columbians, and we need to connect that system to a national network of public transit.

Come on, candidates, let’s all pledge to do something quickly to improve our local and inner-city public transit.

Sandra Hartline

Nelson/West Kootenay chapter

Council of Canadians