LETTER: Welcome to Nelson signs: just get the job done

From reader Kris Beattie

Re: Nelson launches design competition for welcome signs, Aug. 13

I’m writing to beg for a benevolent dictator to come forward and just hire a designer and create the signs at the margins of Nelson. Having lived here my whole life and looked at the old ones, I reflect on what process must’ve gone into the original signs.

I suspect that a woodworker probably drew up some plans and everybody nodded their heads and the thing got put up. Miring this process down in a quagmire of analysis is moronic.

At the end of that process 50 per cent of the people will dislike whatever comes out of it and 50 per cent will approve.

We can achieve the same end much quicker by just getting the job done.

On a sidenote, perhaps while they are at it, this benevolent dictator could direct the boulevards on the main approaches into town to be tended (i.e. trees pruned, lawns managed, small garden created etc.).

The entrances into town look like a demilitarized zone.

Kris Beattie