LETTER: What’s up with Jumbo?

Reader Rowena Eloise wonders who will sue the government.

LETTER: What’s up with Jumbo?

Re: “Province finds first foundations at Jumbo Glacier Resort not compliant

At this point the environmental assessment office’s official statement is the foundations of both the day lodge and a service building are in an avalanche zone, putting them in non-compliance with item No. 36 of their temporary certificate.

Glacier Resorts Ltd. is allowed to request a reprieve to make various remediating adjustments within an undefined time frame. Environment Minister Mary Polak is obliged to decide if a “substantial start” has been made.

The EcoJustice team working for Jumbo Wild says they have good material for suing the government, as does the resort proponent.

Rowena Eloise

West Kootenay Coalition for Jumbo Wild