LETTER: Where are the climate change first responders?

From reader Lisa Bramson

This election comes at the wrong time (during a pandemic) and for the wrong reason (political power-grab attempt). And yet, this could be the election future generations will talk about as the moment everything changed and Canada got serious about climate action.

After a summer of catastrophic climate-related disasters and the loudest climate alarm bell sounded by the scientific community yet, it is clear: this election is one of our most important chances for real climate action.

Climate-related events are constant headlines and the tipping point numbers are becoming numbing. Our response to the pandemic is a dress rehearsal for how we can and must mobilize to slow the march of human-caused planet degradation and danger.

Such events are described as “crises,” “emergencies,” “unprecedented.” We typically respond to crises with effective, mitigating action. Where are the climate first responders who, like our health care frontline workers, will take action for survival?

Polls show voters care about health care, jobs and the economy. All of these are negatively impacted by climate changes.

Until we put aside petty partisanship and show leadership in emissions reduction accountability, it is unfortunately business as usual. How sad that solutions exist, but not the political will.

This needs to be the election that we commit to end fracking and cancelling all new fossil fuel projects, that we invest in green infrastructure and renewable energy, and that we implement a carbon budget and tax to keep corporations accountable. Also, we need to commit to completing our social safety net and creating millions of jobs in the green economy.

Look for a party that has decisive climate actions in its core priorities. The existence of future generations depends on action now.

Lisa Bramson