LETTER: Why I’m voting

Reader Lisa Bramson enumerates the issues that are important to her.

I am voting because recent extreme weather events mean bold and immediate action on climate change is critical. The Sitkum and Rock Creek fires, East and West Kootenay drought, reduced snow conditions at area ski resorts and early harvests of almost all crops this year are a few examples of climate change.

I am voting because I want our federal scientists to communicate openly with the public and the media and decision-makers.

I am voting because I don’t want to leave my kids and grandchildren with an economic, social or environmental deficit.

I am voting because I believe all Canadians have the right to live in a healthy environment with clean air, water and soil.

Momentum is building in this federal election and the stakes are high. Together we can get out and vote in record numbers and choose the Canada we want.

On Oct. 19, let’s get out in record numbers to vote for a Canada we believe in. Get your friends to vote!

Lisa Bramson