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LETTER: Why won’t the city pay to fix its curling rink?

From reader Stanley Reese
Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Re: Nelson Curling Club forced to miss upcoming season for 1st time in 127 years, Sept. 7

So here we are, the biggest municipality in the West Kootenay and we now will be the only one with no curling.

Why, because the city council and regional district representatives refuse to work together to fund the upgrades needed to keep our curling club going. The city owns the building and the plant, yet they are requiring the curling club to fundraise and come up with the money to fix what they own.

As a curler, I paid the highest curling fees in our area. I sold tickets, attended several fundraising functions, volunteered, but we still came up short. Does the city and regional district make soccer players fundraise to fix and maintain the fields? N0. Fix the pool? No. Fix the skating rinks? No. So why do they require the curling club to maintain and fix a facility that the city owns?

We are now the only municipality of this size likely in Canada that has no curling available. Seniors lose out, schools lose out, businesses lose out and the list goes on. It is a black eye to our city and the blame goes directly to the city and regional representatives that we elect. Shame on them. I for one will be very careful as to who I support next election.

Stanley Reese


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