LETTER: Will of the people finds expression in B.C. election

From reader Ron Robinson

Here in B.C., using the historical first-past-the-post electoral model, we have been saved lunatics infiltrating our politics. Yes, I understand that on three occasions, the B.C. electorate stated their happiness with having almost half their votes electing no one.

With only 52.4 per cent of registered voters actually doing so, the statistics look even worse. It means that about 25 per cent of the electorate actually elected someone in their riding. It also means that about 25 per cent of the electorate who actually voted and the rest who didn’t elected no one. This group is 75 per cent of registered voters.

B.C., is there a problem here? Is it disinterest in politics? Is it disappointment that with our current electoral system it will always give arithmetically skewed results? Although we have over 150 years of national experience with similar results, we still seem to be happy with that system; after all we have been saved from lunatic fringe groups taking over government – that must be worth something; or perhaps not. We have never tasted a system where almost all votes elect someone. Fear is a powerful tool to discourage the electorate and a useful tool for gaining power with little statistical electoral support. Ah! The will of the people.

Ron Robinson