LETTER: Zincton and climate change: not compatible

From reader Kaysha Lamb

Re: Kaslo approves Zincton, with reservations, Dec. 4

If this year wasn’t enough to convince British Columbians that climate change is an ever-present phenomenon, I don’t know what more needs to occur. Due to its geography, British Columbia is at risk of succumbing to increasingly hostile environmental disasters every year.

Zincton all-seasons resort, a proposed development outside of Kaslo, does not aid in the matter of securing any semblance of environmental stability. What these development propositions do indicate is the complete ignorance of the immediate reality of climate change and in doing so, offers fleeting distraction away from the only goal that seems relevant to secure a liveable future.

Allow natural areas to remain natural. Allow animals to move freely in the vast landscape that Canada is still fortunate enough to retain. Is the wildfire and mudslide risk going to be minimized around this billion(s) dollar development? This seems impossible to accommodate given that the towns in B.C. still haven’t achieved this protection. Climate change points to unpredictability, and if we are to secure any type of future for ourselves, respecting that unpredictability seems to be the most intelligent course of action.

We don’t want to hike at a resort – all we need is peace, quiet and the wild!

Kaysha Lamb