LETTER: Zuckopolies and Nelson

From reader Ben Carson

In light of Facebook’s most recent document leaks from whistleblower Frances Haugen, any measure of doubt that Facebook is unknowingly facilitating human tragedy for corporate gain can be put to rest.

The pattern is ongoing, and one can draw parallels between the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the Jan. 6th Capitol Hill riot, and the increasing polarization of Canadians. For instance, Cambridge Analytica was one of many companies that sold, in their own words, “behavioural change” for political purposes. The platform that facilitated the company’s dark posts — customized hidden campaigns that targeted users who were profiled as “persuadable” — was Facebook.

With more illumination on Facebook’s direct role in profiteering from behavioural change (e.g., knowingly facilitating teen behavioural issues on Instagram), I think now is a good time to boycott, or at the very least, reduce dependency on anything Zuckerberg related.

So why am I writing about this at the local level? Well, I think local businesses could do more for boycotters like me to access their content. In fact, it might even be good for business if others are following suit. Yes, Facebook is free and easy, but so are many other services. Moreover, Facebook integration into websites like Nelson Star invites a platform that profits off polarization into community discussions.

But what about Facebook’s rebranding? Yep, in preparation for what will be the metaverse, Zuck is going all in. People are excited because the metaverse, with its counterpart in blockchain technology, is promised to be decentralized and open. But with Facebook rebranding as Meta, its intentions to monopolize it seem clear. The technology that will “democratize our lives” like the technologies before it will be quite the opposite if Zuck is successful. What do you think Nelson? Send me your comments via Facebook. (Just kidding.)

Ben Carson