LETTERS: More support for Savoy Lanes

Six more letters plead for the Savoy Lanes to remain open.

This is a plea for help to save our Savoy Lanes. It is a setting for social gatherings like birthday parties etc. as well as for our bowling. It will be sorely missed if we lose it.

We are so grateful for our manager, Dan, who has done such a good job by bringing in newcomers and school groups. He has so much patience with all of us and such a good personality for the job because he is such a “people person.’’

So, if the Savoy Lanes do close, I am concerned we will never have one again. Can you help in any way?

Dawn Williams



I would like to express my dismay on hearing that again it looks as though we are going to lose our bowling alley.

In my humble opinion, this is an important activity in our community. For the 55-plus age group who have three leagues, the mixed leagues, and the special needs persons who bowl every Saturday, this is important. For some seniors this is their only social interaction and a part of our exercise programme.

Surely some person or persons or an organization that would consider stepping up to the plate and helping us.

Anne Secord



I find it appalling that yet another sports activity centre is on the chopping block. Many patrons frequented this bowling alley, from the Nelson Seniors Bowling League, to men’s and women’s bowlers, to the Special Olympic users and the very young, having birthday parties at this facility.

Surely the owner can apply for a grant or even the City of Nelson can assist with the cost of the overhead to help run this much-needed sports facility, which many people have used at varying degrees in their lives.

This bowling alley is an icon to Nelson’s rich history. It would be a very sad day indeed to see this close down for lack of revenue and interest.

Kara Witcher



Regarding the possible closure of our Savoy Lanes bowling alley, this is a facility that is much needed. As seniors we need it for exercise and we enjoy the social aspect as well. For some seniors this is their only outing and opportunity for socializing.

Arlene Sorenson



I would like to express my disappointment at the lack of interest by the general public for activities for seniors. This facility is for many in our area including our weekly league for our special needs group and our school children.

Jody Ramsay



If the facility does closet, it will probably mean it will never re-open. This facility enhances our health and helps keep us active. Special needs and young people need a positive, social outlet.

Nell Plotnikoff



I am writing this letter adding to the list of people who are saddened at the news that again our Savoy Lanes bowling may be closed.

This is one of the sports that seniors can enjoy with little risk of an injury. It is a chance to meet fellow seniors and to socialize. I have made many friends over the 40 years I have bowled in Nelson. We can also enter tournaments in other cities which allows us to advertise our beautiful city.

I hope this situation can be resolved and our bowling alley will be open for regular bowling again in September.

Winnie Jarvis


While the Nelson Regional Sports Council is no longer operating the Savoy Lanes, they are expected to remain open over the summer.