LETTERS: Why support the niqab?

Readers Mervyn Coles and Mike Glatiotis weigh in on the niqab debate.

I would like to comment on the controversy over the niqab. Firstly the niqab is not a part of the Muslim religion. Nowhere is it mentioned in the Koran. In fact, a female covering her face is not in the Koran. The real reason some Islamic women wear a Niqab is so that their husbands can retain total control over their wives.

Why would we in Canada support the niqab when its sole purpose is to suppress the human rights of a woman. What next? If they look at another man are we going to stone them as they do in some Islamic countries? Canadian woman have fought for the rights to do as they wish, and dress as they wish. Are we going to support importing these suppressive customs from foreign countries?

Mervyn Coles

North Shore


What is perfectly clear is that the thick veil of Steven Harper’s niqab is hiding Conservative Party candidates from debate with electors.

Mike Glatiotis