Lots of questions, not enough answers

For some time now I have been dissing our governments.

I really do have to ask if you can help me out. For some time now I have been dissing our local, provincial and federal governments, mostly on their hypocrisy and how these elected officials are not being held accountable. We always hear about all the wonderful things that are going to happen when they are voted into office. We never, ever hear of the things they will not be able to do for us, the ordinary taxpayers.

I am from this region, so I will keep my observations local. I will not be allowed to vote on the carbon tax, the gas tax, money that will be spent on ICBC to help pad pensions of the hierarchy running the show. I could go on and on about the ability of all governments to mislead the people of this area, province and country.

My feeling is that because the system is so tightly manipulated by those at the apex of this political pyramid, we have given up hope. Otherwise why is it that when the answers come about why we are being gouged every which way but loose, we accept the rhetoric of how our elected officials are on top of things?

The raping of the health care system is steering me to my question. Do you think that anyone in their right mind would make decisions that would effect other human beings in a such a manner as to degrade their sense of self and put their lives in a position that would turn the stomach of most people? Do you think that it is possible for someone that has lived into their 80s perhaps 90s and has lived in this area all their lives could be put into a predicament that deserves to be mentioned not just in your paper but right across this country?  Is it possible to be charged by a hospital for time you have spent in their care when they decide they can no longer help you and you need to have care they cannot support because of staff concerns and lack of beds? Is it possible that when you do receive a bed in a care home you do receive care, but only what they can give you and I now revert to the lack of staff and burnout of staff situation?

Put up your hand if you are looking forward to the golden years where we are shuffled off to a place that is our last stop on this earth, and God forbid, be occasionally neglected for whatever reason.

What would happen if you were in a hospital and picked up a bug that put you into a care home and into isolation for an indefinite time? When is the last time any of us has visited one of these places? I do know that the folks that work in these care homes are there for a reason. I believe most caregivers do care and care to the point of exhaustion.

My question is simple. Are there any institutions on this planet today that one enters and is cared for in the manner that is deserved by every human being that walks this earth? Is there a place we can be accepted after the hospital and care home where you are guaranteed top quality care?

I know it is pointless to say “That’s it, I’ve had enough of this,”

When are we all going to step up to the plate and make this place a better world by looking after our own? Are we going to pray we do not live long enough to experience what could be a sad situation?

So, if anyone has some spare time this holiday season, pack yourself up and visit someone you know is alone, especially this time of year.

For all the caregivers and folks in the health care world I say thank you for what I hope is an honest effort to help. All the politicians in the health care world I am sure will be too busy patting themselves on the back to see there is a serious problem that will get worse unless we get some help out here.

Leon Thiessen