Maybe we shouldn’t vote in Nelson?

The recent abuse of democracy by our Conservative government got me thinking.

The recent abuse of democracy by our Conservative government got me thinking. No wonder fewer and fewer people bother to vote. Why trust our politicians with anything? What if none of us voted in the next election?

Let’s apply that to local politics. Now, I am certain that no one in Nelson city council, including our mayor, abused our electoral system in any way. Nevertheless, what if we all boycotted the polls in the next election? What would happen?

Our municipal taxes would still be collected and distributed to the various department by the city treasurer who is an unelected official. The public transit would still operate and all of the bus drivers would be on the job. The person in charge of public transit is an unelected official. Our streets and sewers would still be repaired and the snow would still be plowed as the person in that department is not elected. Traffic lines would still be painted on our roads. Schools would be open and operating, hopefully without a teacher-provincial government conflict. Our police and fire personnel will still be on duty. Our police and fire chiefs are unelected officials. Our garbage would still be collected. the city dump would remain open and operating. The library would remain open and functioning as would the local museums. Money would still be collected from the parking meters. Hydro personnel would still replace downed power lines during or after a storm. Our ambulance and hospital personnel would still be working.

So, where is the fallout if we don’t vote?

If, in the future, I have a mental lapse and decide to run for city council, please, please, do not vote for me.

Bob Abrahams