More peace, less war

We are writing in regards to taxation and conscientious objection status.

We are writing in regards to taxation and conscientious objection status. Hooray for our MP’s multifaceted work ethic.

In response to your editorial on December 2 — Why pay for the military — we concur with all of the points written by Vincent Salvo in his letter published December 16, Atamanenko gets it right.

It seems that your editorial and the letter to the editor of Maurice Rhodes in the December 16 issue of the Star are both saying that working for peace is not helpful to reduce wars, and that our country, which prided itself for many years in peace- keeping, should step away from this now and put our young men and women in harm’s way by joining every war that comes along. You indicate we must do this together, and must provide our military with all the money to produce more and more war-making materials.

What if we build a treasury, either from conscientious objectors’ tax dollars or better still from everyone’s tax dollars, to create a ministry of peace as well as a defense ministry? The world spends trillions of dollars each year on military worldwide. These funds are spent to prepare for entering wars and very little is spent by any government to bring about peace. In the past, we believed in a Canada whose military was consistently acting as peacekeepers. Today, let’s put more effort into promoting peace.

One final point: putting money into a peace movement for our country shows great respect for those who, to bring about peace, have died or been injured in past wars. We show little respect for their sacrifice if we lose our focus on peace and simply support spending on a military that will be sent into the next and the next and the next war.

It is too bad that the positive suggestions made by the opposition parties both federally and provincially are seldom supported by your editorials.

Wendy and Barry Nelson, Sister Nancy Hurren, Mrs. Judy Deon, Dr. Marion and Dr. Ken Muth, Ms. Yvonne Tremblay all members of

Cathedral of Mary

Immaculate Parish

Development and Peace Committee