Nelson wood policy full of problems

The wood strategy course set by council earlier this month is one fraught with many downside risks

The wood strategy course set by council earlier this month is one fraught with many downside risks to Nelson taxpayers, notwithstanding the proponents attempt to clothe it in a green robe. More surprising is that the motion found favour amongst the rest of council. This motion is regressive, anti-competitive, and will foist unneeded regulatory and bureaucratic costs to a city that can ill-afford them. It also has the potential to favour businesses that cater to Councillor Batycki’s proprietary notion of what, and who is sustainable. In fact, I find it laughable, when she says and I quote, “those that are truly sustainable.” Well, let’s trade that moniker for truly organic, or truly whatever. Though she may be the self-declared high-priestess of the green deity, we all have the freewill to make our own judgement as to who we as individuals want to do business with. And that is a regulatory arena that the city should stay far away from. Will we see this councillor down at Cottonwood Market checking out who is really organic?

Why on earth the city would want to go it alone over wood as a building material, when there is already a provincial initiative makes no sense. Why are we trying to create more barriers to doing business in the city? Who is going to pay someone to write the policy and then follow it up? Where is that money going to come from? I and many other city constituents would rather have those precious tax dollars spent on roads, utilities and parks.

The funny part of this initiative is that the named lumber company has no business license in the city and probably no employees. What the heck is that! You’d think we would have a council that was looking out for businesses that actually operate in the city limits.

Unfortunately, councillor Batycki was touting her ability to be the first out of the gate on this issue and she infers that this is just the start of many other bad ideas. Whatever is next on her phony green Nelsonization agenda, it is imperative that council stop creating bad solutions to problems that don’t exist. I don’t think taxpayers will put up with three more years of that. I certainly don’t want to.

Jeff Shecter