No federal help in war on poverty

I am writing on behalf of KAIROS, an ecumenical organization with projects around the world devoted to peace, social justice and human rights. As your readers may be aware, KAIROS has been dramatically impacted by the Canadian International Development Agency’s recent rejection of $7 million of our requested funding.

For the most part, our partner organizations are small. Some staff are having to continue their work as volunteers. Some partners are having difficulty meeting essential operating expenses, such as rent. Important and lifesaving programs have had to be put on hold. With the cuts, KAIROS was only able to send 16 percent of what we would have sent with CIDA’s support.

 We think Canadians want to continue to support organizations such as KAIROS, which build change from the ground up. Evidence shows that KAIROS is effective and gets results. Our application to CIDA not only met but exceeded the CIDA criteria.There is no credible case for KAIROS being rejected funding.

 We believe that organizations such as ours address the root causes of poverty and war. Readers who agree should contact their Member of Parliament and Prime Minister Stephen Harper and indicate that they support the ongoing, funded work of KAIROS around the world.

Sandra Hartline, KAIROS Representative Kootenay Sub-Region