OPINION: It was close, but hugs win again

Hugs barely inch past slugs in weekly fight for bragging rights.

HUGS: (Slugs, really) To our incredible rural Passmore neighbours. You insist on sharing your music with all of us.  So totally awesome! What a rad sound system you have.  Your music is totally original and you have so much talent!  Why, we don’t even have to go anywhere… free entertainment at our door step.  Actually it is not quite loud enough… a little more volume please! We thank you. Our neighbours thank you. The birds and the wildlife thank you.

HUGS: A big warm squishy hug to the person who dug out all of the giant clover bushes at Queen’s Bay. There wouldn’t have been a place big enough for me to put my beach blanket or my bum if it weren’t for all your hard work! Thanks from all us sun worshippers!

HUGS: Hugs to the two dentists who donated dental supplies to the West Kootenay Community TEETH Clinic.

HUGS: Big hugs to the bus driver, who for the past two summers has warmly welcomed all the daycare groups who ride his route (sometimes all at once!) for summer field trips around Nelson. The kids and caregivers appreciate you!

SLUGS: To the businesses who bring in plants and then kill most of them by not watering. What a shame to see all those plants dying unnecessarily.

HUGS: To the man at the local hotel who is out there every morning sweeping or shoveling the sidewalk, and puts so much pride into it.  It’s nice to see a job well done.

SLUGS: To the people out at the lake who insistently disrupt our quiet country life with fireworks frightening our pets and the animals that live around us. And for the record there is a ban on right now. So please show some respect! How would you feel if we came into your neighborhood and did this?

SLUGS: Ignorant slugs to the lady in the black dress that let her known aggressive dog off its leash at Johns walk Monday afternoon. Your dog was three times the size of my tied up Boston terrier, he is now on antibiotics from the ‘nip’. You asked if there was anything you could do as I held my bleeding pup. Yes, you can get in touch with me through this slug (contact the paper) and kindly pay the vet bill and in the future keep your dog on it’s leash so this doesn’t happen to others.


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