Opinion: Slugs win an easy one this week

Opinion: Slugs win an easy one this week

People have been quick to voice their displeasure this week.

SLUGS: To the people who park at the old Extra Foods and do not pay your contribution and take up all the spots for those that do.

HUGS: To the man who called with my wife’s bike that he was mistakenly given at the dump. You showed that the heart of Nelson still beats strong.

SLUGS: To all those with gasoline powered lawn mowers. I will install quiet exhaust on my motorcycle as soon as you get rid of your noisy mower.

HUGS: To all the student teachers in the district who are working so hard to hone their skills and educate the kids of Nelson. It is an exhausting 11 weeks, but it is a noble path you are on. Students don’t often see it, but you are putting all your energy into this time and as a sponsor teacher we thank you!

SLUGS: To the person who drove down Third Street, in Nelson on Sunday afternoon and killed the female duck, senselessly. The pair of them were living in our neighbourhood for the past three weeks, and children and adults alike enjoyed them. The drake is still grieving and so are we.

SLUGS: To the canoe wrangler who took it for a joyride and did not return it. You should be deeply ashamed of your actions. I have many children who enjoy that canoe very much. You obviously have no respect for people’s things and I can only hope that you wash up on the shores of your own stupidity and immorality.

SLUGS: To those who see people in pain or crisis and choose to judge and criticize.

HUGS: To those who know that we could all be just a moment away from pain ourselves and offer a word of support or a moment of comfort.

SLUGS: To all of you who attach your signs (real estate, garage sale, upcoming events) on every pillar and post possible, then when your item has sold or the event is over, you conveniently forget to take down your signs. I really notice this in the rural areas. You should be ticketed for littering.

SLUGS: To the man in the black leather jacket, black cap and jeans. During the last week of April, you were carrying bags from the Salvation Army Thrift Store. The store was closed at 7 p.m. yet you were going right inside, then back to your vehicle. What was it, an after hours sale?

SLUGS: To all the overly negative people who feel the need to send in their slugs, complaining about every little thing that bothers them. You’ve made me so mad that now I’ve become one of you. Be warned people, negativity is catchy. — A formerly optimistic Nelsonite.


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