Politicians must protect our national treasure

After more than a few decades of thought and copious amounts of magical elixir I have come to a conclusion, my theory on why we are here.

After more than a few decades of thought and copious amounts of magical elixir I have come to a conclusion, my theory on why we are here.

Why are we here? Why? Through the marvel of birth we have somehow found ourselves in the Kootenays.

Obviously some people live longer than others, for various reasons folks leave the planet earlier in life while others live long into their 80s, 90s even into their early 100s. Others are dealt really bad cards.

I believe the majority of us, no matter how bad things get, no matter how close our mortal backs are against the wall, just do not want to leave the party. We find the will to live sometimes even through overpowering adversity. In time, we start to see an aging population. We are seeing and experiencing our loved ones living a longer life because of better nutrition, lifestyle or just genetics. It is what it is. We are living longer.

If people are living longer it only follows that in time, we may need care, perhaps special care in our final years.  When we are well and cruising along in society all seems to be OK. We will always suffer a few aches and pains, but nothing too profound.  As long as there are family, caregivers and volunteers involved.

In time these folks will wilt and wither because of overwork and stress. Then the time comes for us to be shifted into a different world. The world of health care, supervised by people who will make decisions that will affect our lives in a huge way.   Remember we are now in a system that has compromised nutrition in hospitals.  The care by doctors, nurses, surgeons and most every employee in the health care system is insufficient for a myriad of reasons. What happens when mistakes are made in the 11th hour by overstressed workers? We are always hearing about lists you have to be on when you are in the care of the health professional. If you are not in their care and not on their list, you don’t exist for the department of Interior Health.

I reckon you need to use the system in order to use more of the system and yet employees complain about being overworked. Has anyone ever heard of how ill and invalid patients are in the hospital while waiting for a home, only to be told you will probably be sent to another area unless someone dies first in the seniors facility of their choice?

How’s this for a deal? Trail can have the hospital with all the political treats that go with it and in return we in the Nelson area will keep the best emergency ward in BC, forgive the Golden Hour and be given — yes, given — at least two new seniors care centres. Government owned. I know you are asking where the money will come from but I will ask where are our tax dollars being squandered? Find that money and spend it on our national treasure. Yup… seniors.

What has happened to this province? Where is the disconnect? Don’t you think we need more facilities for a more aging population? Why am I reading about local politicians saying we are responsible for our own health and that we don’t need more critical care beds? They show their ignorance and in so doing, prove they do not — do not — believe in my theory.

Why are we here? A butcher, a baker or candlestick maker, we are here for one reason: to help others.

To all politicians and Interior Health, do what you are paid to do… help us! Help us who are simply an older version of you.

Leon Thiessen