Rural resident wants city vote

I live at Six Mile. I love it here. We just moved here from Blewett.

I live at Six Mile. I love it here. We just moved here from Blewett.

All the pre-election hype of “Don’t forget to vote,” actually helped to remind me to carry my body over to the polling station and have a go.  It was an icy and cold night but I donned a wool sweater and happily stepped on down to the fire station to put in my piece.

When they gave me the ballot, I was taken aback. What? Only two names?  Where’s the mayor options, city council options? They informed me I was only able to vote for the candidates in my area. This is an outrage and it astounds me. How can this be? I work in Nelson, buy gas in Nelson, shop, pay bills, pay parking meters (and sometimes fines), socialize and exercise in Nelson, why oh why do I have no say what takes place in Nelson?

When I drive over the orange bridge into Nelson nearly everyday, I have to witness the environmental degradation in the new developments taking place without having some input. That really picks at me. If it were up to me, I’d say if you chose to develop here, you must go by our bylaws which state you must keep at least five original trees standing per lot. That would take away from the Coquitlam-type developments that are starting to scar the landscape here.

Unfortunately, I have no voice in what happens to the town I frequent almost everyday, because someone thinks I shouldn’t. Well I think I should.

June Hamlet

Six Mile